Wednesday, January 16, 2013

My Word of the Year for 2013

Merriam Webster defines fearless as --- bold, brave, dauntless, intrepid, and courageous.  This is my word for 2013.  The last few years  I've gotten rid of the long list of resolutions and searched inward instead, spending some time in reflection, prayer, and meditation to find the right word for the new year. A special mantra of sorts.   A word to focus on throughout the year.  One that will help me in my journey to continue to unearth the best me, and reveal the contributions I was put on this earth to make. Last year, my word was Freedom. It served me well.  At first, I attached all these expectations to my 2012 word.... Free from my rut, free from “this place”; this house, this city, boredom.... It was all going to happen for me in 2012.  I thought my word failed me.  Here I was, stuck in  some mind-numbing sameness.  I was sure it would turn me into a vegetable.   Then, near the end of the year a series of emotional setbacks, sickness, and a few evil deeds called upon my emotional IQ, and forced me to rethink how well last year’s word really worked for me.  Did it ever!  Freedom arrived over the course of the year in more powerful ways than I ever anticipated.  I am free.  More than I've ever been.  Especially from my past and many negative beliefs that kept me stuck for so long.  I was able to recognize them (first) and then release them as useless tools for living.  I’ve been unshackled from my own perceived limitations and fears... of failing, of being rejected, of being hurt, of being alone, of destitution, and any other Armageddon my mind has used in its attempts to annihilate what it perceived to be an "uppityness" of my own confidence and self-worth through the years.   I finally stared down that lifetime of lies and found them to be  not quite so scary when held up to this Holy Light, I discovered within.  Freedom.  Unearthing all of this has been quite a process too, aided and abetted by a number of angels that I now know have been watching out for me, all along. (Forgive me, my beloveds for thinking otherwise)  Those stories I told myself....blatant untruths.  I am none of those things.  I am not limited. And, I am never, ever, alone.. ever.   Now, I AM free.  Free to live my own choices, create my own destiny.  Free to stay, or free to go.  Free to forgive and experience joy, or free to stay stuck in the past and ruminate myself into misery. Now, it appeared, all I needed was some courage and faith. 


My word for 2013 arrived through some serious meditation, prayer, mindfulness, and  series of serendipities... messages through others, dreams, and other forms of communication that appeared out of nowhere. That’s the way it always seems to happen for me, sealing the word with plenty of blatant signs. The word fearless appeared everywhere. 

Someone dear to me, made a good argument that the presence of a little fear in our lives can also be prudent.  An intuitive built in protection so we don’t walk right into dangerous situations that can be harmful to our being.  That is not the kind of FEARLESSNESS I am referring to.  If I survived the year, by its end, my epitaph might read, FOOLISH instead.   I am talking about the kind of fearlessness that fuels us in fighting for the things we believe strongly in. Fearless in the ability to walk away from dysfunction even when you love someone.  Fearless in showing others who you really are.   Fearless in making changes you know need to be made, letting go and trusting the future is in the hands of our Creator.   Fearless in admitting you can’t do it anymore, and you certainly can’t do it on your own.  Fearless in pursuing the unknown, simply for pleasure of growing and learning something new.   Fearlessly falling in love again, cutting everyone some slack, focusing less on the fact you could be hurt, knowing love truly is still worth it, over and over again.   Most of all, living spiritually fearless, following a path that leads deeper and deeper into the heart of God, unlimited abundance, and joy.   It’s so much easier to be fearless when you have that much faith.  

Just to seal my intention after the first of year, the Universe sent me another indicator I was on the right track.  I got an Amazon book suggestion for a book written by Anita Moorjani a young women who was considered by medical professionals to be on her death bed with end stage cancer.  Her book, Dying to Be Me,  details her personal near death experience after she came out of her coma, completely cured and ready to fearlessly tell her story.  When asked what the most powerful message was she learned “on the other side” she said,(paraphrased) “Live life fearlessly... Most of all enjoy life. Most of us live in fear; a combination of fear and lack of self-love and so our lives are spent without enjoyment.  The best lesson is do what brings you joy and do what feels fun for you.  Be yourself. Allow yourself to be who you are.  Get in touch with your feelings.  Most of us are so caught up in doing...  these swirling thoughts of how do I get there from here and all those steps involved.  Instead, ask yourself, every day of your life, with all that arises, how do I feel about this? Don’t ask,  how do I do this, or what steps do I need to take to get there.  Ask, how do I feel?  Let the natural expression of you come through.  Is the answer positive or negative?  If there are more negatives than positives, then you are not following your true heart, being yourself and living fearlessly." 

It’s just that simple.  Fearless in 2013!