Sunday, May 19, 2013

The K.I.S.S. Method....

Keep it simple, sassy. Some might argue the acronym stands for, Keep it Simple Stupid.    I don’t agree. I like sassy. Or.... student, as in student of life.  I’m growing weary of labels these days. Especially those derogatory ones, attaching them onto others, but also the ones I've pinned on myself.  Charity starts at home.  I’ve personally stationed some fences and guards around my life to protect my spirit from the infiltration.   Even said in jest, they can be sneaky, and damaging.    

K.I.S.S.  That’s been my mantra for these past months, drilling it down to the basics. Baby steps.   That long list of to-do’s atrophying in my planner, is no longer used to bonk myself on the head in punishment at my inadequacies, degree of motivation.  Check marks are not the measure of my worth.  I should have trashed it a long time ago.  Maybe a little dose of depression and inactivity is what it has taken to recognize, I am still incredibly beloved and worthy, even without the ridiculously high self-imposed standards.  There are no lists.... For now.  A calendar with the most important events, and mandatory attendance of the day, penciled in, is quite enough.    The newest discovery here has been dumbing it all down.  The paradox.... keeping it simple  has been conducive to getting more things accomplished. Mindful.... and more focused on the one task (or pleasure) in front of me.   Especially when I arise and let the day itself prioritize the goals.... Just one single sentence, echoing in my soul, to remind me how my day is supposed to be.  I hear this............

Be still and know I am God.  I do this first. 


First thing, I get still now.  That’s the first baby step of the day. So simple.  I already know God, much better than I knew God, even yesterday.   What I’m learning to do is listen to God.  When I listen to God, seems I am guided to the things I need to do in that single day, rather than what I think I need to accomplish in a lifetime.  Holy prioritization. Sometimes His idea of accomplishment and mine aren’t in alignment. I’ve discovered when that happens, that’s when the depression monsters come calling.    If I believe His master plan for my life is PERFECT for me and what I have come to this earth to learn, then I must clear out a space to visit with Him.  The only way I can hear Him, over the din of my ego, is to be still.   The ego.  The cruelest of task masters; assigning me to things I wasn’t created to do to feed it’s ravenous, empty void; acquiring traits that don’t necessarily bring out the best me. The ego... the false prophet.    

According to Dr. Wayne Dyer, the ego defines us by these things: I am what I have.  I am what I do. I am what other people think of me. I am separate from everybody else and I am separate from what’s missing in my life.   What an OCD and crazy making way to live!   I know.  I’ve lived like that for far too long. If I wasn’t in constant motion making every attempt to be somebody, get approval, grabbing as many brass rings as I could, trying to be what someone elses idea of success looked like;  striving, and constantly seeking for what I thought was missing,  I feared my epitaph might read “loser”.  
Be still and know I am God.  This creates the life of a “winner”..... But I’m done with labels.  

Doors seem to open up, peace has settled into my soul, and a unique new river of energy surprises me with an enthusiasm I couldn’t seem to muster on my own, with all the plotting, planning, and goal setting in the world.  My day is gently being conducted by the Master who directs me to the next task at hand.  No more cacophony of nonsense and noise.  It all began by using the most basic of K.I.S.S. methods....

Be still and know I am God. 

That is the biggest K.I.S.S. I will receive all day long.  

Keep it simple, student.

With Hugs, and K.I.S.S.ES, K.I.S.S.ES, K.I.S.S.ES