Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Rejection is God's Protection.....

"Rejection is God's Protection".....Someone said this to me today.   It softened the blow. 

Now, if I could just remember in the future, to keep that in mind when I don't get something I think I want, need, or deserve.  In all honesty, I do believe that..... and, not just with my head anymore;  that seedling is blossoming in my heart as a divine truism. I inherently sense the protection.  It's that sinking stomach and the icy fear pushing through my veins of what the future holds that I don't like. It's the emotion of the rejection.  

And, then my friend reminded me... it's all good. I  can rest comfortably knowing the pictures I am painting in my head of doom and gloom are merely an illusion.  I'm being safely held in God's arms.... today.

I've had a number of disappointments that have given me great opportunity to practice patience and faith for quite some time now. It's extremely difficult for some of us stubborn, self-willed sorts to trust that whatever happens is always for our greater good.  Especially when our basic needs for food, shelter, clothing or love appear to be threatened. 

If I could just remember to simmer down and revisit those rejections or disappointments from days gone by.... those times when I thought God had turned the volume down on my pleadings,  I can now see HIS bigger picture has allowed for MY better picture. 

It's said, God never closes a door that he doesn't open a window.  I'm not great with directions, and sometimes it would be wonderful to just be told which room that window's in.   Less time consuming.   And, certainly gentler on this aging body and soul.   Oh, dear.  Is that my hand white knuckling that door knob? 

God said, "What's behind there isn't meant for you because I have something so much better in mind."  Why do you continue to limit yourself?   I want to give you a window where you are free to fly..... Free to be who you are. Stop rattling the knob of closed doors."

I think.... the best thing I can do at this stage of  my schooling (also called life) is simply stop questioning anything.  If the door is closed, it is shut for a reason.  The room is probably stuffy, stale and stinky.  Stay out.  Don't go in there. 
I feel.......When its time for me to find this window,  I'll  be delivered clear directions.... the tender brush of a breeze on my cheek, gently guiding me towards the freshest, sweetest air I could ever imagine. As I breathe deeply, I will hear the whisper inside my soul saying this is yours... all of this...see.... just perfect for you. 


  1. You will feel the breeze soon Mama! Remember it is all in God's time! Love you!


  2. God is preparing you for something bigger than you can imagine. You'll see.

  3. Your daughter is right. You will feel the breeze soon. Breathe in and enjoy your serenity, for today. You are blossoming right where you're planted and you will look back in awe, soon. You've turned your will and life over, now stop thinking you can do a better job! YOU ARE NOT IN CHARGE despite what your ego tells you!
    Love, JP

  4. Oh, Becky.... YOU are a class act.... You vibrate with personality, and life. Don't compromise. You have overcome so many things and worked too hard. You live in a deadbeat section of the country. I say go West young lady! Or, at the very least maybe south to Columbus!

  5. ahhhhhh..the best is yet to come